We have organized the Q’s / A’s below!

Can I offer project to you outside freelancer.com?

Sorry, if we met on freelancer.com – the project has to be then done there itself because of their terms and conditions.

Can I offer payment to you outside freelancer.com?

Sorry, if we met on freelancer.com – the project as well as payment has to be then done their website using the safe escrow system as per their set guidelines

Do I need to pay any money upfront?

No, you need to create a milestone or a set of milestones based on our agreement through the safe escrow system on the freelancer website.

Can I award the project to your company and not setup a milestone?

Thank you for choosing Codinglogics, we accept only those projects that are funded as this gives us the security towards our business. If you are a recurring customer that has built trust and goodwill with us, yes, you can create a milestone at a later stage.

Will you work on our hosting space?

We initially deploy the work on our hosting space and send a URL for you to track the progress of project. Once you release 50% of the agreed price, we can migrate the work to your hosting space.

What if I am not happy to work with your team?

While we put our best possible efforts to satisfy all the clients that work with us, we understand it is not possible for every single customer. In this regards, we will request you to kindly cancel the project and part ways on a good note. If you would like to use the work we did thus far, we would request a proportionate payment, or you can cancel the entire project and not pay us.

Can we speak over Skype or through phone while working?

If we met on a freelancing website, it is unfortunately not possible to use any other medium of communication other than their chat system. This is good for both parties in an event of dispute/arbitration, the website can look at the conversations and make an informed decision.

Can we use emailing while working?

Other than an exceptional scenario, we are not supposed to post or exchange any form of contact information while working on a freelancing site. Not following this can lead to our account termination.

Will I get frequent updates from your team?

Absolutely, we give a lot of importance to communication and updates. You shall receive regular updates no matter how small or big a project is.

How do I know you are not outsourcing or sub-contracting?

We are an inhouse service provide that does our work transparently. In a situation where we need to sub-contract our work to a 3rd party, you will be informed about the same and we will own the responsibility of seeing to that your project or its confidentiality is not compromised .We do have well trusted associates that have signed legal agreements and all the checks and balances are in place.

Can I directly communicate with the designer/developer?

Yes, if you prefer working directly with the designer/developer assigned to your project, we can facilitate that option by using our chat option (in case you met us outside a freelancing site) or we can use the chat system of the freelancing site where the project is being executed.

Do I need to pay for ongoing support?

We value our customers and their association. We offer free support for the 1st month after the project has been delivered. Post the free 1 month support tenure, we shall charge 25 USD per hour to meet our costs for offering support.

I would like to learn website management, do you offer this segment?

Yes, we always provide solutions that allow you to log in to admin panel and be able to make minor changes, updates by yourself without any technical knowledge. If you require premium support, we offer that in form of hourly billing (25 USD per hour)

I would like to build the website myself do you provide that option?

Yes, why not? If you would like to learn how to build the website by yourself, we offer that option where you pay a one time fee to access our exclusive, in depth video tutorials and for any other form of support, we charge 25 USD per hour.

Will I get a discount/commission upon referring another client?

Yes, we would love to grow our clientele and you are always welcome to use our services and upsell them to your colleagues or any other clients and in return, we will be generous to provide you a reasonable price for the reference.

Do you provide genuine client references that we can get in touch?

Yes, let us know if you would like to verify our past works and we will be glad to share our client references.

I awarded the project, but no longer need it, what is the recourse?

We understand business is dynamic and unexpected/unseen circumstances occur. In such a scenario, we will call off the project from our end and the exit fee for this would be the % we pay to the freelancing site (10% of the agreed price). You have this option of cancelling the project within 24 hours of awarding us the project.

I need a website done/modified urgently. Do you offer such services?

Yes, we are committed to serving our clients in any situation or emergency. Kindly share the project details and we will deliberate over it and get back to you at the earliest.

I want complete rights over the IP, how does it work?

Yes, we understand you would like to own the copyrights and we provide that in a written format if you insist. To add, we never share/sell/re-sell/clone/replicates that work done for our customers.

Does your team work on adult sites?

No, sorry, we don’t work on adult, porn, gambling, propaganda related websites that are considered illegal in our jurisdiction. We also don’t work on file sharing, torrent, money laundering and other unethical websites that will bring a disrepute to our brand..

Do you offer custom coding?

Yes, based on your preference, we offer customized as well as custom coded services based on the project scope, costing and other aspects.