Thank you all for joining Codinglogics Team. Please, go through the following guidelines in order to be better informed about how to be associated with my efforts

  • There will be no x number of projects promised/assured at any given point of time
  • There will be no fixed amount in terms of earnings  promised/assured per week/per month
  • All the projects will be awarded for a fixed rate price with no negotiation.
  • You can reject a project if not interested
  • Support will be available to answer any queries/concerns within 24 hours, so please be patient.
  • If I am online and not responding it means either I am away or busy.
  • If you are stuck somewhere google it, visit YouTube or to keep yourself pushing ahead
  • You need to upload your latest cv/bio/resume so that we can add as much content on your website as possible
  • Upload your past work experiences in a zip folder or through attachments in order to add them  to your portfolio section
  • Apart from being a mentor to all of you, kindly remember I am a customer that awards the project as per merit of freelancers, availability and some other factors which are beyond your understanding.  
  • Keep bidding on projects posted by me but at no given point of time I will favour one individual in particular
  • Join codinglogics because you want to be mentored for long time growth, not just expecting projects all the time
  • Refer to’s  helpline section, FAQ and community and educate yourself about the system as much as possible
  • If you have any questions, prepare a spreadsheet or document and mention your name, share it with me and I will answer them
  • These are early days and we are still in the inception phase where improvements will be introduced based on priority, so kindly be adaptable and flexible

Need support? Open a ticket!

These guidelines will be updated/modified from time to time. Kindly bookmark this page and avoid contacting me through this website. We should only communicate through in order to respect their policy.